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Getting Started

After subscribing to a CoinGecko API paid plan, you can follow this guide below to start using our Pro version API.
Reminder: Pro API is accessible by any user who is subscribed to a paid API plan, it is different from our Public API. To call Pro API with a key, you should always use this root URL:

1. Create a new API Key

  • Once you're logged to your CoinGecko account, go to Developer's Dashboard.
  • Click on “+ Add New Key” and a new API Key will be created

2. Making API request


3. Editing or Deleting API Key

  • Go to Developer's Dashboard and click “Edit” on a specific API Key
  • Click “Delete Key” to delete this API key
  • You can also update the “Label” and click “Confirm” to confirm your update

4. API Usage Report

  • You can check your month-to-date API usage report and the timestamp when you last used your Pro API.
  • You can also check your full historical usage in the dashboard.
Monthly Usage Report
Historical Usage