Error & Rate Limit

The server responds to a user’s request by issuing status codes when the request is made to the server. Kindly refer to the table below to further understand the status codes when indicating the success or failure of an API call.
Status codes
400 (Bad Request)
This is due to an invalid request and the server could not process the user's request.
401 (Unauthorised)
This is due to the lack of valid authentication credentials for the requested resource by the user.
429 (Too many requests)
This is likely indicating that the rate limit has reached. The user should reduce the number of calls made, or consider scaling their service plan that has much higher rate limits and call credits. To upgrade your plans, kindly refer to: .
503 (Service Unavailable)
The service is currently unavailable. Please check the API status and updates on​
500 (Internal Server Error)
This is a generic error response indicating that the server has encountered an unexpected issue that prevented it from fulfilling the request.
10002 (API Key Missing)
You have provided incorrect API key credentials. Please check your keys in developer dashboard and ensure that your request is authorised.
You may not have access to this endpoint. E.g. 'This request is limited Pro API subscribers'. You may wanna subscribe to a paid plan here.
403 (Forbidden)
This is likely indicating that your access is blocked by our server, and we're unable to authorise your request.
1020 (Access Denied)
This is due to violation of CDN firewall rule.
CORS error
A CORS error occurs when the server doesn’t return the CORS headers required. You may learn more and attempt the recommended solutions here.

Rate Limit

  • For Public API user, the rate limit is 10-30/min and it varies depending on the traffic size.
  • If you're Pro API user, the rate limit is depending on the paid plan that you're subscribed to.
Note: if you're using the public API with Google Sheet and got hit with error, this is due to the IP sharing among Google Sheet users, and we have no control over this. If you need reliable performance, please subscribe to a paid plan that comes with dedicated infra (API key) to prevent rate limit issues.