API key is currently only available for CoinGecko API paid plan subscribers, all API key request should target this root URL: You are recommended to store the API key securely in your own backend and use a proxy to insert the key into the request URL.
You can send API calls directly in your web browser, using cURL from a command line, or with your programming language of choice. You may also check some of the unofficial clients here.

You can supply your API key in one of two ways:

  1. 1.
    Header: x-cg-pro-api-key
  2. 2.
    Query string parameter: x_cg_pro_api_key
You may try to use this ping endpoint to check CoinGecko API status:
Tips: you can also check the API status here:

API Key Usage Credits

  • 1 call = 1 credit. Calling any endpoint will only count as 1 call for every request made.
  • Your monthly credit & rate limit is subject to the paid plan that you subscribed to.